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Whiskey & Tea

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My name is Nikki, and I’m a graphic designer from South Carolina calling Sydney my home. I come from the land of bourbon and ice tea. As a kid, my dad would make hot toddies, which is hot tea with a shot of whiskey, to fix what ails you. Living in Australia has introduced me to different ways to drink tea. Sticky chai soaked in almond milk, anyone? Also delicious whiskey. I’m getting sidetracked…

I have over 15 years of experience in the design industry working on major brands in America and have helped small businesses grow their brand in Australia. Being a small business, I understand the expenses of running one. It’s difficult finding someone to help with designing for your business’s needs. I want to help lay the groundwork so you will have designs you love to help your business succeed. When you hire me, we will discuss your business goals, get to know more about your wants and needs, and come up with the best plan to accomplish this.



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Creative Strategy

Designs built on strategy to attract your ideal customers to grow your business

Logo & Branding Design

Making your business recognisable, visually consistent and stand out

Custom Websites

Designed intuitively to build trust and guide your customer with clear call to actions

Social Media Design

Build brand awareness and create a following attracting new potential customers
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Top three important questions to think about for your business

To attract your ideal customer, ask yourself, “who is that customer?” Once you figure out who your ideal customer is based on research, the next step is developing your business around their personality and buying habits. A few things to think about:

  1. What social media platforms does your audience use?
  2. How does your target audience search for your goods or services?
  3. What are your unique selling points that make you different from your competitors?

To make a brand stand out is more than having a good logo and nice website. Brands should be designed based on strategy, which is figuring out your ideal customer and designing in a way to attract them.

By designing based on strategy, implementing those designs across the different customer touchpoints creates a powerful brand for your business.

You definitely need a website that has excellent user experience. All websites need to be designed with a goal in mind and a clear call to action, whether it is to book a consultation, download an ebook, or subscribe for updates. The next phase is making sure you have a great SEO strategy so your website will get found by potential customers searching for your services or products.

Real stories

It's as if she read my mind! I will definitely use Nikki for future projects and encourage you to give this web designing star a call!
My Paradigm Coach logo design & branding
Jane Winnie
My Paradigm Coach

Real stories

Customer’s booking their own jobs and commenting it’s so easy to use love it! Highly recommend to anyone that wants a new website or to rebrand their website.
Indie Window Cleaners Logo
Tony Martin
Indie Window Cleaners

Real stories

Working with an independent design studio that understands exactly what we’re looking for is a bonus. Professional, quick, and gave creative outcomes that helped elevate our brand.
Quinton Foroozani

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