Get Started Online. Step 1: Sign up for a Google Business Account.

Hey tradies! Do you want more clients? Get your business online! It’s easier than you think! It only takes 5 simple steps. In this article we are going to discuss step 1. STEP 1. Sign up for a Google Business Account. This is so important because everybody uses google search. If the internet represents the […]

Part II: Why Does Logo Design Costs Vary So Much?

Whiskey & Tea Sketches

I know many people don’t want to spend money on logo design and find it expensive. They may go to cheap websites to find a logo under 100 bucks. Though I’m not frowning on these services, it’s like using cheap materials on a building project. Many times the designers use images from stock websites, and […]

ATTENTION TRADIES: Word of Mouth May Not Cut it Anymore!

Whiskey & Tea Tradies

Many of you reading this may wonder, what is she talking about? I’m booked up for months. However, what do your bookings look like six months from now? Do you have small cancellations creeping in here and there? Do you have a steady flow of new jobs coming in, right now, waiting for you, when […]