Why Does Logo Design Costs Vary So Much?

Why Does Logo Design Costs Vary So Much?

Whiskey & Tea logo sketches

I know many people don’t want to spend money on logo design and find it expensive. They may go to cheap websites to find a logo under 100 bucks. Though I’m not frowning on these services, it’s like using cheap materials on a building project. Many times the designers use images from stock websites, and they don’t research and understand what your company represents. It will only last so long. Logos should last a long time and remain timeless. Want it to last you 10+ years? Then it is worth investing in. The current Nike “swoosh” logo has remained the same since 1996. Now that’s a long time!

Photo by Deybson Mallony from Pexels

With logo design, I start with a brief, it’s like putting in a plan to the council. I sketch out a bunch of original ideas and select a few to develop them further with a precise drawing. It’s like drafting, making everything perfect so I will execute the logo with precision.

Then comes the digital build or computer generated art. Based on my drawing, I use geometric shapes to build all the angles, spacing and curves so they are perfect. It’s like building the trusses on a roof, making sure the angles are correct and occurring at regular intervals so the spacing is even. I’m skipping many roofing steps in between.

“Design is thinking made visual.” – Saul Bassy”

Finally, you choose the colours and minor details for the logo. This can be the equivalent of roofing materials. Do you want tiles, shingles, slate or corrugated metal? Each material makes the house have a unique look such as modern, classic or luxurious. Logos are like these materials, and the choices made in the design process can reflect what your company represents.With logo design, I take the time researching and determining many factors, so you are getting a logo that will last you for many years. This includes representing your company’s personality, values and services visually. Plus, you can apply the logo across different aspects of your business to build awareness such as work shirts, car advertisements, business cards and social media. The key takeaway is, logos should be built to last.

Key Questions to ask when hiring a logo designer:

  • How many years of experience do they have in the industry?
  • Can you see their portfolio or any samples?
  • Do they understand your company’s services and values?
  • Do they ask questions?
  • Do they help recommend ideas based on your feedback?

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