Carpentry Website Design

Carpentry Website Design Challenges Faced:

7-3 Design & Joinery faced a critical challenge with their outdated carpentry website design. It was non-responsive and did not provide an optimal user experience, especially on mobile devices. They needed a modern, minimalistic portfolio website that would effectively showcase their exceptional carpentry work while being easy to manage.

The existing website’s lack of responsiveness was causing a significant drop in mobile user engagement. This was a pressing issue as more users access websites via mobile phones, and the old site failed to provide the desired user experience.

Website Design Solutions Provided:

To address these challenges, 7-3 Design & Joinery decided to partner with Whiskey & Tea Creative. We opted for a Wix-based solution, which allowed them to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website. The new site was meticulously designed to showcase their carpentry projects in a modern and simple manner.

What they had to say:

“Just wanted to say a big thank you. The website is absolutely amazing. Every aspect of it is just fantastic. You’ve done a brilliant job. Will be highly recommending you.”

Website success:

After implementing the new website, 7-3 Design & Joinery experienced remarkable results. The website was not only responsive but also indexed well by Google. This improved indexing, along with a well-structured website featuring all their significant projects categorized by suburbs and types of projects, greatly enhanced their local SEO. This, in turn, led to increased visibility in search engine results and attracted more potential customers interested in their carpentry services.

The case of 7-3 Design & Joinery serves as a compelling example of how a well-thought-out website redesign can transform a business’s online presence. By addressing the challenges they faced and leveraging modern design principles, they achieved increased visibility, positive customer feedback, and a stronger online presence.

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