My Paradigm Coach

My Paradigm Coach

My Paradigm Coach

My Paradigm Coach

About the project

My Paradigm Coach helps people to shift their mindset and become the best version of themselves, writing their own life story.

Jane needed a new logo and branding to showcase how she helps her clients achieve these changes. Her new logo shows this by having an arrow reach for the stars, becoming the best version of yourself. I designed with soft and natural colours as her process uses energy healing and is based in science. The fonts chosen helps to establish authority and modernise her new brand.

The website needed an overhaul. Jane created the messaging of how she helps clients change their mindset with by writing their own story. I created imagery for the website to support her brand messaging. I used calligraphy pen iconography throughout with her new branding colours. Jane was thrilled with the results.

Nikki’s my new, fave web designer! This girl delivers! I re-branded my site, new logos, the works, and Nikki was with me every step of the way. She worked tirelessly to create the perfect logo that captured the essence of my brand in a simple, timeless design, and once she understood the theme of my site the images she brought to the table integrated beautifully with the overall language and feel. It’s as if she read my mind! I will definitely use Nikki for future projects and encourage you to give this web designing star a call!