Get Started Online. Sign up for a Google Business Account.

Get Started Online. Sign up for a Google Business Account.

Get Found on Google

Hey small businesses!

Get your business online! It’s easier than you think! It only takes 5 simple steps.

In this article we are going to discuss step 1.


This is so important because everybody uses google search.

If the internet represents the world, Google would be the map people use to navigate it.

Without a Google account, your business would not be on the map and therefore be invisible.

Firstly, you want to get your business registered here. Follow the prompts in the link above.

  1. Once you verify your business through the postcard Google will send you, contact former and current clients by sending a Google business link to leave reviews online.
  2. Enter a short username
  3. Include business hours
  4. List your address, website and contact information
  5. Write a business biography of what you offer
  6. Setup Messaging
  7. Upload the best photos of your work
  8. Highlight offers and services

In the next article we will talk about step 2 in the series which is:
The art of getting great client reviews and digitally displaying your work!

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